Promisify of NodeJS async API

   Promise is the core of the modern async programming. But the NodeJS is designed before the Promise. So it's huge number of async APIs are base on callback. We cannot use them unless we change them promisive, or say promisify. For the huge number, wrap them one by one is not a good plan. We need a general, and as light-weight as better way to make this.

Using Git Index

   Don't use `git add .` or `git add -A` anymore. There are many of better CLI that git provider for us. Just like a suit of surgical kit. We can use them to manage the Git Index, fine to each tiny change.

Git post-update for auto-deploy

   For web project or other server side project, we need auto-deploy. Here, we take some examples to show how to make a auto-deploy script with post-update of git. We using different languages and different ways. We hope to bring help.

Amazing CSS Variables

   We need variables in CSS. Compare with variables in Sass/Less, the CSS Variables is dynamic, have better scope rule, can interact with JS. CSS Variables, or as know as Custom Properties, are perfect match with the Web Components.

Fenz Cube

   This is a online cube game developed on JS, powered by Three.js and WebGL, depend on ES6 modules, support both PC and mobile.

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