I’m from Logram Star Area. There is a place more near to the center of our galaxy, with higher density of stars. There are hundreds of brightest stars in the sky of my mother moon, each of them is as brilliant as the moon on the Earth.

   When I was young, a big misfortune was happened. That’s a long story. I follow my older sister and escaped my mother land. We flee with self-interpreting laser travel system. Speaking popularly, the system encode the self-interpreting program and the informations of our body into a beam of laser, that with very high energy and is highly focused. It can travels far far long away (almost 0.8 Mpc of the Earth) and keep available. When the laser arrive over the destination, it produce a resonance in materials, and rebuild them. The self-interpreting program will build a client at the first. and the client will rebuild us with the following informations. After traveling tens of thousands Earth light year with the speed of the light, there is no home to back.

   We landed on the Asteroid belt of the Solar System. There is filled with resources and a mild environment. Then we move to the Mars. We analyzed the Earth and reform my body. I was sent to here, the heavenly Earth. However, my capable sister stays on the Mars waiting for the following refugees.

   On the Earth, I play as a programmer. Here is my GitHub. I like the forests, grasses, clouds, and downy animals. I like Hayao Miyazaki, there are so beautiful wolds in his mind. I like raining days, that’s make me remember my gone mother land. I like Ευκλειδης, Αρχιμήδης, 沈括, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Newton… The acts of wisdoms are so appealing. I like Rubik’s Cube and other similar puzzles. There the toys both played by people on the Earth and my mother land. And there are more categories on the Earth as I know. I wrote a program of cubes: Fenz Cube. There are some kinds from my mother land and not found on the Earth.